Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet "Big Red"...

Trailer Donated to the HCFC by Ms. Joyce
A few weeks ago I was carrying on business as usual, and as I walked over to Ms. Joyce's desk (she volunteers over at Connecting Henry), she looked up from her computer and said to me in her sweet southern voice, "I noticed that y'all were looking for a Trailer for the Fuller's not an enclosed one but I believe I have a 4x8 in the garage that y'all can have. It's just been sitting there for God knows how long."  - I almost spilled my coffee!

Thanks to the wonderful and generous Ms. Joyce Rodgers, the Henry County Fuller Center now has a small trailer that we can use to load up with tools and building materials as we head over to our next project(s).  In the short time that I have lived in Henry County, I have met some of the most passionate & caring people who are always looking out for you and always looking to make a difference in their own way.  And if you know this family, you know that the apple does not fall far from the tree! Both Ms. Joyce  and Denese have been the HCFC's biggest supporters and cheerleaders from Day One. We would like to say THANK YOU to the Rodgers, from the bottom of our hearts!

For more information about Fuller Center and the Henry County Fuller Center, please visit and

Shane A. Persaud
(678) 699-2308 or
President/Volunteer, Henry County Fuller Center for Housing, Inc.

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