Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gezzo's May 13-May 20th Charity Event Henry County Fuller Center For Housing, Inc.

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1866 Jonesboro Road, McDonough, GA
(770) 954-9992 ‎
Open Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10pm; Sun 11am-9pm


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by Thomas Hoefer

The house of Sunny Side residents Bobby and Anita Simpson was destroyed by the tornado that hit Spalding County on April 28. Without home insurance, the family relies on help from the community, and this help will be coming Saturday when the Henry County Fuller Center for Housing will be on site to start the rebuilding process.

However, the organization is still in need of local support.

“We need a lot of volunteers, sponsors and donations,” said John Quinn, who is getting the word out for the event, adding that people with knowledge of plumbing and electricity are especially welcome.

Work will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Simpson residence at 5029 Old Atlanta Road. Sponsors, such as local businesses, are needed to provide food and beverages for volunteers.

According to its Web site,, the Henry County Fuller Center began working on the house of Bobby and Anita Simpson on April 30, clearing fallen trees from the yard and covering the damaged sections of the roof with a tarp.

Saturday’s work will include the start of the rebuilding process, which may be a continuing effort, Quinn said.

Those who are interested in joining the rebuilding efforts of the Henry County Fuller Center should come to the site of the house Saturday, as registration is not required.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

what would your world look like if…?

what would your world look like if…?

What would my street look like if everyone had a safe, affordable, decent home to live in?
What would my neighborhood look like if everyone had a safe, affordable decent home to live in?
What would my city look like if everyone had a safe, affordable decent home to live in?
What would my state look like if everyone had a safe, affordable decent home to live in?
What would my country look like if everyone had a safe, affordable decent home to live in?
What would my continent look like if everyone had a safe, affordable decent home to live in?
What would my world look like if everyone had a safe, affordable decent home to live in?

There would be no more tent villages, cardboards huts, nobody sleeping under bridges, nobody sleeping on park benches or steam grates, nobody living in cars, “no more shacks”, no more ghettos, no more slums, no more children in the streets, no more broken windows, no more leaky roofs, no more leaky pipes, no more rotted floors, no more cold nights,

People would have a place to lay their head, a place to dream, a place to be loved, a place to learn, a place to laugh, a place to cry, a place to go to and a place to leave from,

In that world I see healthy kids playing, dogs barking, cats meowing, birds chirping, students studying, pots on the stove, family gatherings, grandma and grandpa on the front porch, pretty painted houses, flowers, bushes, trees and grass, white picket fences, tire swings and trampolines,

In that world every man, women & child has a place to call home, neighbors are helping neighbors, we are carefully using & reusing our natural resources, our municipalities are strong,

what would your world look like if…? Comment & Post to Profile

There is no place like home, together we can make a difference!!

Mark Galey, Volunteer & President, Atlanta Fuller Center

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Solemn Ride to Spalding County...

It was a quite, solemn ride to Spalding County just a couple days after the storms to help with the tornado recovery, but it just looked like another ordinary Saturday ride in the country. Having stopped and got my biscuit and coffee, I noticed the boats behind the trucks presumably headed to the lake, the bicycles on the carrier off for a spin, folks setting up their yard sales and others getting ready @ the local flea market. Everybody seemed busy going somewhere, doing something. Everything seemed perfectly normal. I remember thinking if all these folks even REALLY knew what kind of damage there was just down the road from where they were. I mean we see the snippets and hear the sound-bites on TV and we’re wowed or whatever but did these folks REALLY understand? Did they REALLY know what needs there were just down the road? I even thought did they even care? Certainly if they knew they would do something. Right?

The first set of instructions Millard Fuller ever gave me to share with my friends and colleges of how they can help was these three things;
  1. Help spread the word of The Fuller Center
  2. Help raise donations
  3. Help start other Fuller Centers.
I have learned in the last four years it definitely all begins with spreading the word.
    So how do we get out the word about folks like Bobby & Anita Simpson whose home was severely damaged during the storms and need help rebuilding because their insurance coverage lapsed? Oops!! But now what? These working folks still need their home rebuilt. It’s probably going to take $4K or better to purchase the needed materials and some volunteers. Bobby & Anita are going to have get out there with us and rebuild their home along with the volunteers and they’re being asked to donate back what was donated to them into The Greater Blessing Box revolving fund that will help another family in the future in their time of need.

    I’m sure we haven’t met who else we’re supposed to help yet but we’ll be led there accordingly. How will those folks like Bobby & Anita know there is help available? How will those folks who are capable of helping and most likely willing to help if only they knew, how can we reach them?
    How can you help? What about making and delivering sack lunches for the construction volunteers?
    What about blogging or posting info on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, ect?
    What about come shoot pictures and/or video and put it up on YouTube with all the links? Do some interviews? Ask some questions. What about reaching out to all your media contacts and ask them to help spread the good word?
    What about raising donations? Doing the reconstruction? Scouting for other needy families and victims of the tornados? What about contacting local churches, sharing what we’re doing and invite them to join us? Civic Groups? Lumber Yards? Paint Stores?

     We plan on starting the reconstruction process on Bobby & Anita’s home May 14th, we don’t have all the details ironed out yet but we will be updating on all our sources as we have new information. Their home is located @ 5029 Old Atlanta Road, Hampton GA.

    This effort is being channeled through The Henry County Fuller Center for Housing, with The Atlanta Fuller Center is redirecting its energy in collaboration for a time.I’m asking you for your help, find where you fit in, come be involved but just for a day, look in the eyes of the needy, hear their plight, stand where they are, let your heart lead you.

    Mark Galey
    Volunteer & President, Atlanta Fuller Center